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Reviews & Testimonials

I wanted to let you, and your staff, know how much we appreciate what you have done for us, and especially for my mother, Rita Illes, in the last few months.

As recently as early July, my 95-year-old Mom was completely self-sufficient, to the extent of driving highway 17 into the Santa Cruz mountains to visit our home.

But a minor fall resulted in cracked ribs, shallow breathing, and then a rapid succession of infections from pneumonia through blood bacteremia to c-diff. She never even remotely recovered her former vitality.

Through her long hospitalization, Regency was available, supportive, and patient. Her room was kept ready and was completely set up for her much-delayed arrival.

Once in residency, Rita was cared for by every single person on the Regency staff as if she were their very own mother. From the housekeepers to the nurses and admin personnel, help was available, and promptly delivered, at any and every hour of the day or night. Mom remarked several times that the people were nicer (and faster) than any she’d experienced in two months of hospital and nursing-facility stays.

Everybody was also very kind and patient with us, the bothersome/meddling loved ones who constantly called and asked questions and made requests. Every encounter was met with kindness, compassion, and responsiveness.

Perhaps most significantly, I want to acknowledge how clearly I saw that people at Regency genuinely CARED. My wife and I are career business people, and we understand that staff can be trained and supervised to perform according to rules and guidelines. Certainly, Regency staff met any imaginable criteria in this regard. But more subtly and deeply, the Regency staff evinced a level of SINCERITY that simply can’t be taught — it has to be genuinely felt. And it shone through from every person we ever met.

Mom entered Regency under Hospice, and her condition continued to decline due to the extensive damage done by her multiple infections. She passed away only a few weeks after release from the hospital. I am pleased to say that she could not have spent her last days in any finer facility, at any price (and we looked at them all).

Mom spent the end of her life being cared for 24/7 by wonderful, concerned people. She was constantly visited by family and friends. She was never in any kind of pain at all. The day before she died, we were wrapping up a visit, and I said “I love you Mom”, to which she replied “I love you too, Son”. Those were the last words we spoke to each other. She died peacefully in her sleep the next morning. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Regency has exceeded our expectations in every possible regard, and I wanted to express my thanks as deeply as possible. Please feel free to share anything I’ve said here with your staff and anyone else you wish, including prospective residents. You are doing a wonderful job, and providing a service of inestimable value.

Greg and Karin Illes

Regency of Evergreen Valley is a wonderful assisted living facility!  My first visit there confirmed what I was wanted for my mother: a place that feels homey, smells fresh & clean, and where the management and staff are kind and know each resident by name.

What sealed the deal for me was their “Transitions Program” — an activity program designed especially for higher-functioning individuals with dementia (like my mother) and lower-functioning people living in Assisted Living who are not quite ready for their “Generations” wing (secured accommodations for residents with memory impairment).  I felt it was the perfect fit for my mom!

I feel incredibly fortunate that the Regency’s service director is Stephanie Howard. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about the complex physiological and emotional dimensions of dementia, is a sought-out lecturer by many health conferences, and leads a compassionate monthly support group at the Regency for families with loved ones with dementia.

Stephanie is also keenly aware of the needs of her residents & the families. For example, when my mother was hospitalized in December 2016, Stephanie visited her several times, was an advocate for her with the nursing staff, and kept in constant communication with me–preparing me for what to expect next.  Knowing Stephanie and her staff are not just caring for my mother but seeking her highest good allows me to feel at peace during this challenging stage of my mother’s life.

Since her arrival in October 2016, my mother’s failing heart conditions have caused her to be hospitalized twice (each time for 10-days) and live one month at a rehab facility.  Because she has not been able to fully experience steady life at the Regency, I’m reserving one star.  Once Mom finally gets settled into continuous, uninterrupted routine, I’m sure she will love it as much as I do.  I will then confidently update my review to 5 stars!

Arleen V., Yelp 4/28/2017

We lost our mom recently.  While she was at Regency, the staff and caretakers here are the BEST!  Mom was in their memory care unit, and we didn’t ever need to worry about her.  She was in capable hands every single day!  We are thankful for the staff at Regency and for the excellent care they provide!  The relationship between the staff and members of our family was seamless and accommodating!  Always someone there to speak with if necessary and collaborate with.  Mom’s care was of utmost importance and they took care of all of her needs daily!  Stephanie and her crew are dedicated angels who provide the BEST of everything!

S. Allen Q., Yelp 10/18/2015

I have been having a working relationship with Regency of Evergreen Valley for over 3 yrs. now. I help the facility with additional care with my caregivers in my agency 1 +1 Senior Care. Jolie Higgins and Stephanie Howards are the most dedicated women I have come across in my years for management. Full of passion and love for their residents and team members. Walking into this facility with amazing smiles and greets each time sure makes whatever day you had before entering self-healing. Residents walking around chatting with staff and laughing goes a long way in my book. I personally when the time comes will be looking at my family to a home truly called home like Regency of Evergreen Valley. Keep up the amazing work. Due to our line of work in this industry is very difficult and your either have the personality and response or you don’t. THESE LADIES truly HAVE THE PACKAGE.

Katrina R., Yelp 10/23/2014

My grandfather has lived here for about 5 years.  He was hesitant at first on how it would be here since living out at his previous house for many years.  He adjusted well.  He really enjoys it here.

He likes to play cards.  Poker and black jack is played throughout the week and really enjoys it.  He really enjoys doing exercise every morning with all the other residents.  The residents go out to lunch outings to different restaurants and he likes to be able to eat different kinds of foods.  The menu here is great as well.  It gives the residents here options to choose different food items.

The employees here are very passionate and their care to residents is awesome.  One less thing we as a family we have to worry about.

The management is great.  If my family or I have a question or concern, they are more than willing to hear us out and solve the issue.  They have an open-door policy which is good to see that they don’t hide behind a closed door.  I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a place for their loved one.

Shaun B., Yelp 4/3/2014

I am completely IN LOVE with the one and only Stephanie at Regency of Evergreen Valley. She met my elderly mom while at her short term skilled nursing facility in Los Gatos as I met with the super nice, helpful and professional Steven at Evergreen to ensure a smooth and easy transition for her into a long term senior care environment.

I’ve been in the customer service industry for 30 years and the amazing care, kindness, and compassion of Stephanie, Steven, Jolie, and Christine is genuine and very real. The world would be a much better place if more people cared about our senior population as much as these truly nice folks at Regency of Evergreen Valley clearly do.

I took a very thorough tour of the entire facility and got the opportunity to meet each and every staff member that was working that day.  Each team member came across as nice, sincere, and friendly, plus they looked happy and engaged.

There were refreshments available, sparkling clean amenities, Christmas decorations in the lobby, and the unbeatable aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls in the air. The activities calendar was packed with so many interesting options that I was feeling inspired to move in myself!!

There were only a couple of studios available (my mom does not need a one bedroom, so I didn’t look at the one that was available), and Steven let me take my time opening cabinets, taking photos of the window view to show my mom, and inspecting the bathroom plumbing and closet capacity. Squeaky clean, well-spaced, everything functioning properly, nice views, and move-in ready!!

I’ll certainly update my review if anything were to change in the future, but I must say that I am incredibly impressed with what a relaxing, clean, friendly, and welcoming senior care facility Regency of Evergreen Valley truly is.

My mother has been at the Regency for one year and it has gone smoother than I could have hoped. The attention paid by the caregivers and staff is excellent and I have never worried about the quality of care she receives. I would have no problem at all recommending the Regency.

Steven did an excellent job of explaining his facility; but also gave us advice and other helpful information. Really liked the nature feel of the patio and walking area.

San Jose, CA Visitor, March 2017

My tour of Regency of Evergreen Valley went good, the staff was all very nice and friendly. The place was a bit more expensive than what we were could afford. It was more in the city and my loved one wanted something more home-like. This community would be perfect for someone just not for my father in law

San Jose, CA Visitor, February 2017

So far what I experience, the workers are friendly, people behind the desk friendly, maintenance is on top of things. The workers that work in the kitchen are very friendly and outstanding and ready to help . For Christmas I had a dinner there for my sister-in-law and I felt very comfortable going in warming things up there on the side of the kitchen. As for my sister in law she is very happy there. Over all rating I would give it a five *

This place was close and offered what we need probably until a bed and board place was required for late stage Alzheimer’s. Steve was [most] helpful.

San Jose, CA Visitor, August 2016

Great community for our mom. She seems very happy with the variety of the meals that are offered. The staff is working on her to be able to attend the activities, but right now is not wanting to participate yet. Very clean in all area. The staff is very helpful at all times and we feel over all this is an excellent community

San Jose, CA Family, July 2016

From the moment you walk in there is a nice .Feel to the place is friendly caring make you feel good about being here.

I am so happy with Regency. My mom is in the Memory Care. She is always clean, well-fed, spoken to and guided gently. It takes a kind heart and patience to work in Memory Care, and I have seen only that.

The director for the memory care unit is excellent. She is very on top of things and knowledgeable. She is also very approachable. The staff is attentive and kind. The facility has a very homey atmosphere.

San Jose, CA Visitor, November 2015

We are really happy that they check on her frequently and she has felt very, very welcome. We had a fear that she would want to go back to her home, but she immediately loved it and felt welcome and comfortable.

San Jose, CA Family, November 2015

So far it has worked out really well for my mom. I would recommend the Regency of Evergreen Valley. It has been a really good experience for her. The facility is nice. The inside is very clean. Everyone there is really friendly. The staff is helpful. They are always willing to help and answer questions. The value is excellent. They do a great job at taking care of my mom. This is a really nice community.

San Jose, CA Family, July 2015

Regency of Evergreen Valley is a wonderful place. My dad has been there for about a month and is doing very well there. We are very pleased with the staff, the administration, the care, and just the whole program.

San Jose, CA Visitor, June 2015

I’m her trustee, and to my knowledge this is an outstanding place to live. The community is highly by friends and family members, so i felt it would be a good fit for us. Turns out, its a wonderful experience all together! The staff is very professional and courteous people. The location is easy to find, so it a gem when it comes to visiting family. I couldn’t dream of a better facility. It’s good for both parties!

San Jose, CA Visitor, April 2015

My loved one really seems to enjoy her stay here. The staff were all very friendly, and they kept the building looking nice and clean. I also heard from him that the food was very good! I can’t really think of any specific way that they could improve, they’re very good overall!

San Jose, CA Family, March 2015

It was really nice. It is smaller and more comfortable than other communities. It is a nice place that feels cozy and homey. They have a really nice outdoor area and outdoor programs like barbecues and parties. I speak with the director often. Regency is a great place. If we were going to move Mom, this would be the one.

San Jose, CA Visitor, March 2015

They are doing a pretty good job. The staff is exceptionally friendly. When we first were looking we told them that it would be nice if they had some fruit bearing trees, by the time we moved in, they had replaced some of the trees, with a few more fruit trees. I think they may have been already considering it, but it was a nice gesture.

The director of the facility was helpful and knowledgeable about the needs of our family member. I felt after touring this was a place anyone would pick if they needed a nice homey place for their parent.

San Jose, CA Family, August 2014

Everything seems great. When we were moving my mother-in-law in the residents were very friendly and upbeat. There is an outside area. My mother-in-law doesn’t seem to be excited about the food, so there’s room for improvements. The community doesn’t smell, which was a deciding factor in choosing it. The staff is great and it’s very clean. This is just my point-of-view from an outsider looking in, but if there was anything bad going on, my mother-in-law would absolutely be letting us know.

San Jose, CA Family, May 2014